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"I've spent most of the time with movies and music, and I'm having a hard time controlling my excitement. Personally, I believe that HALL AUDIO is one of the most exciting things going on in the audio business in Denmark these years."
Test of Simplifier M
- Tweak.dk

9 out of 10 stars + Great Product award

HaLL 2x8W gets 4.5 out of 5 stars + an Alt om Data recommends stamp from Alt om Data

Simplifier M gets 9 out of 10 stars + a Great Product Reward by Tweak

e Reviews give HALL 2x8W gets 4 out of 5 stars

Tweak gives HALL Connector 9 out of 10 stars

HALL 2x8W gets 4 out of 5 stars from Lyd & Billede

Recommended products

HALL Connector gives your stereo or active speakers a wireless connection so you can play and stream music from your phone, tablet or computer.

HALL Connector 399.00 DKK

HALL 2x8W replaces a stereo and supplies your speakers with power and a wireless Bluetooth connection so you can stream music from a device to your speakers.

HALL 2x8W 849.00 DKK

THE HALL 2x30W is a stronger amplifier but otherwise completely similar to HALL 2x8W. HALL 2x30W has an output power of 30W, and also gives you a wireless bluetooth connection.

HALL 2x30W 1799.00 DKK

Stable Bluetooth connection with impressive range in the market's most user-friendly products

We want to help you upgrade your good old speakers and stereo by modernizing you equipment with a wireless connection so you can play music directly from a smartphone, tablet or computer

Cheap products recommended by audio experts

Way too many good music systems and speakers are thrown away because we use streaming services instead of putting on a CD or listening to the radio.

Smartphones, tablets and computers are now used to control music equipment and streaming and playing music from. Now you can upgrade your equipment with a wireless connection.

You can enjoy the good sound quality you've already invested in and modernizing your existing equipment with our products.

Local production

We ensure the quality of our products and ship everything directly from our company in Brylle on Funen.
The production and facilities for this have been developed over several years and we now have a remarkably low number of complaints.

Simple amplifiers and receivers everyone can connect and operate

User friendliness is absolute key in all of our products.
We want everyone to be able to figure out how to connect and operate our products, so we have developed a software to ensure that the user experience is as good and simple as possible.


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